Inaugural Texas Rattlesnake Festival


An Educational Event for the Entire Family


We would like to offer an enormous thank you to all of the sponsors and vendors that made the Inaugural Texas Rattlesnake Festival possible.  The support and encouragement that continues to be provided by all of you made such a successful event possible, as well as providing a seed to help ensure that 2015 festival will be at least as exciting as this year.  We also want to thank all of our staff members who donated their time and resources to ensure that the Texas Rattlesnake Festival exceeded all expectations during this inaugural year. However, the most thanks goes to those that took the time to attend the event. We are here to educate the public about the wonderful animals with whom we are lucky enough to share a state. The wonder and excitement on the faces of our attendees made all the hard work worthwhile. Stay tuned as we update our site with video and pics of the festival for your pleasure and bring updated information to you as we plan for 2015.

We at the Texas Rattlesnake Festival have a goal to educate the public about one of the most misunderstood animals in the United States, the rattlesnake.  The Texas Rattlesnake Festival was created so that the public could attend an event that celebrates and respects our local herpetofauna.  We are aware that other events in Texas, and across the nation, also utilize the rattlesnake in their local events often called “roundups.” The Texas Rattlesnake Festival is aware that these roundups offer a huge financial boost for the communities in which they are held.  We also applaud the organizations that offer much needed services, such as scholarships and grants, with the money that is generated.  However, we feel that many of these roundups exploit and inhumanely treat the very resource which makes their event possible.  Some of these roundups also vilify the rattlesnake, adding to the public’s already inflated fear.  By no means do we want to eliminate these very successful events that have such a positive impact on the community.  Our goal is to seek reform.  We understand that realistic balance must be met to ensure the community involved and the resource used will both continue to thrive.  We encourage ethical and legal hunting practices that do not harm our fragile ecosystems.  Practices such as gassing and indiscriminant harvest are not supported by the Texas Rattlesnake Festival.  We would like to see bag limits implemented for hunters as well as enforcement hunting regulations and permitting program as currently put in place by the state of Texas.  Further, we would like to eliminate the public torture and slaughter to which many of these animals fall victim.  We find the spectacle that is created by such actions provides a misconstrued view of how humans should treat other living organisms.  And lastly, we offer the Texas Rattle Snake Festival as a successful model that is now a proven income provider where no rattlesnakes where harmed or removed from their natural environment for the purposes of the event.  Though cooperative effort with the organizations that put on these roundups, and working in conjunction with Texas Parks and Wildlife, the Texas Rattlesnake Festival hopes to ensure that our rattlesnakes and their environment will be here for many future generations of Texans to enjoy.    

The Texas Rattlesnake Festival is an educational, no-kill rattlesnake event.  We intend to create a fun, family friendly event in which we can share the value of these amazing and beautiful animals and in which NO SNAKES WILL BE HARMED OR KILLED.

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